Frequently Asked Questions

How can provide affordable yet powerful servers?

We are able to deliver infrastructure at such low prices, due to high efficiency setup and our obsession with automation. Since the servers are purely Self-Managed, we have to take care of only hardware and network issues saving our support costs. Automated credit card charges allow us to avoid any billing or payment follow-up overheads. No compromises to quality are made when we deliver our service to you.

What are your billing terms?
We are very strict when it comes to billing since we are passing all other cost benefits already to you. We have 100% advance payments terms. Invoices are generated 7 days before next renewal date and have to be paid maximum by the due date. Servers that are not paid for by due date will be re-cycled after due date passes. We DO NOT take any responsibility of data in case of such payment overdue issues.
How can I cancel my server?
You can simply put a cancellation from your client portal or email atleast 3 days prior to your renewal date. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in renewal for consequent month also.
Do you take weekly backups of servers?
NO. We do not take any kind of backups on our end for any kind of servers. These are purely Self-Managed servers and customer is responsible for taking backups if any important data is present.