Low-Latency, High Performance & Affordable Self-Managed Servers

ServerDeals.in provides the most advanced, self-managed, low-latency Indian dedicated servers and Indian Cloud VPS at affordable prices.

How are your prices so affordable?

We are able to deliver infrastructure at such low prices, due to high efficiency setup and our obsession with automation. Since the servers are purely Self-Managed, we have to take care of only hardware and network issues saving our support costs. Automated credit card charges allow us to avoid any billing or payment follow-up overheads. No compromises to quality are made when we deliver our service to you.


Top reasons to choose ServerDeals.in

  • World-Class Data Center: We colocate our servers in Netmagic Data Center (http://www.netmagicsolutions.com) which is one of the best TIER 3+ data centers in India to ensure the best uptime, lowest latency and capacity to expand.
  • Affordable prices: The most affordable servers you will find for the type of premium data center with best network and uptime.
  • We realise that you, the customer, pays our bills. Knowing this is one of the most important things to ensure the highest level of customer service to our customers.
  • Financially Secure, Debt-Free Company: Unlike a lot of other companies, we are a very fiscally responsible, debt-free company. We focus on our financials to ensure the utmost stability to our customer.