Nearly an year after Microsoft Corp. and a month behind DigitalOcean Inc., Amazon Inc. has finally launched its cloud platform AWS in India!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the launch of Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region in June 2016, its sixth in Asia Pacific (APAC). AWS now provides 35 Availability Zones (AZs) across 13 technology infrastructure regions globally. AWS already has three edge locations in India for its Content Delivery Network (CDN).

According to Amazon, more than 75,000 India-based customers are already using other AWS Regions. Having started its India operations in 2010, AWS now has offices across major cities in India to cater to the local businesses. It has built strong relationships with the local system integrators through the APN program.

There are two main reasons why cloud providers are establishing facilities in huge markets like India. The first is that keeping data locally is much more convenient for customers than moving their records to the nearest foreign jurisdiction with an AWS or Azure data center. As a matter of fact, organisations in regulated sectors such as financial services, healthcare and government are outright prohibited from storing certain sensitive information overseas. Those organisations will now be able to utilize Amazon Web Services much more extensively.

The other motivation behind the expansion is latency. Enabling local customers to store workloads closer to home shortens the distance that requests have to travel over the network, which improves response times. And if needed, application speed can be improved even further using the edge services that Amazon is rolling out in Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi alongside the new Availability Zones.

AWS has emerged as one of Amazon’s most lucrative businesses, and it is now at the forefront of the cloud infrastructure market, ahead of the likes of Google, Microsoft, IBM, VMware, and Rackspace. has been providing datacenter services, Affordable Self-Managed Dedicated Servers, Cheap Cloud Servers in India since 2009. We colocate our servers in Netmagic Datacenter, India where the likes of Flipkart, Jabong and Myntra are hosted. Contact for the latest deals at unbelievable prices and 100% Uptime.